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Everyday my daughter is very eager to tell me what she has learnt and is always excited to be going to school

Year 2 Parent

  • "They have an amazing approach to teaching"
  • "My child adores school. The sense of fun and excitement you put into learning and teaching is great!"
  • "It's a welcoming environment where the teachers always make time for me."
  • "The school culture and environment is friendly, approachable and caring."
  • "The school is supportive, dedicated and a happy place to be."
  • "I like the way each child is treated individually."
Life at Plaistow Hill Infant and Nursery School Life at Plaistow Hill Infant and Nursery School Life at Plaistow Hill Infant and Nursery School Life at Plaistow Hill Infant and Nursery School Life at Plaistow Hill Infant and Nursery School Life at Plaistow Hill Infant and Nursery School

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TalK 4 Writing         

At Plaistow Hill, we believe in providing children with the opportunity to be enriched by language, therefore in 2014 we introduced the 'Talk 4 Writing' process at our school. All staff embraced the process and we saw it as a real opportunity to develop children's vocabulary and bring excitement into writing.

Talk 4 Writing enables children to imitate the key language they need for a particular topic orally before they try reading and analysing it. Through fun activities that help them rehearse the tune of the language they need, followed by sharing writing to show them how to craft their writing, children are helped to write in the same style.

Talk 4 Writing follows three stages:

  • Stage 1 - Imitation
  • Stage 2 - Innovation
  • Stage 3 - Independent Application

To find out more about the three stages of Talk 4 Writing, please click here.

Every classroom in the school reflects how 'Talk 4 Writing' has become embedded. Classroom and corridor displays show which genre is being studied. You will also see magpie walls, writer's toolkits and washing lines as well as story and text maps. We often use a key text which links the Year groups theme for the term and creatively include both fiction and non-fiction genres through this text.


Throughout the school, the children have responded to their Talk 4 Writing sessions enthusiastically. In Coral class, the children can be seen listening to and joining in with stories. In Seahorse and Starfish classes, the children add actions to familiar stories and join in with the retelling of stories using a large story map. In Year 1, children are given opportunities to create and develop their own story maps. In Year 2, children spend time innovating their maps with key vocabulary and a variety of texts.


We believe that involving parents in the 'Talk 4 Writing' process is very important and as a result, we have included Talk 4 Writing in our literacy parent workshops. The workshops were well attended with positive feedback from parents who attended. Click here for a summary of the feedback.

How to support at home: