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Plaistow Hill Infant and Primary School

Everyday my daughter is very eager to tell me what she has learnt and is always excited to be going to school

Year 2 Parent

  • "Staff are kind, calm and encouraging - Ofsted, April 2022"
  • "Children flourish in an environment of genuine warmth and care - Ofsted, April 2022"
  • "Pupils in Key Stage 1 are confident, listen to each other, share and take turns - Ofsted, April 2022"
  • "Parents and carers praise the work of the school - Ofsted, April 2022"
  • "One parent expressed the view of many with the comment 'the atmosphere and attitude of all the staff is incredible' - Ofsted, April 2022"
  • "The outdoor learning environment is used effectively to help children co-operate with each other and practise their number knowledge and skills - Ofsted, April 2022"
  • "Pupils are happy at Plaistow Hill Infant and Nursery School - Ofsted, April 2022"
Life at Plaistow Hill Primary and Nursery School Life at Plaistow Hill Primary and Nursery School Life at Plaistow Hill Primary and Nursery School Life at Plaistow Hill Primary and Nursery School Life at Plaistow Hill Primary and Nursery School

Welcome to Plaistow Hill Primary and Nursery School



We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to Plaistow Hill Primary and Nursery School. We are excited to be leading the school through its next chapter as we become an all through primary school with our drive to achieve academic excellence for all whilst nurturing well-rounded children.

Plaistow Hill is a welcoming, happy, and safe environment at the heart of our local community. We work together to build strong foundations for every child’s future, nurturing a lifelong love of learning. As one of eighteen schools in the Learning Academies Trust (LAT), we are thrilled about our expansion to become a primary school. From September 2023, we have started our journey with our first Year 3 class, and by September 2026, we will cater for children aged 2-11.

We are supported by a strong team of professionals, all committed to nurturing the potential in all areas of the curriculum for every child at Plaistow Hill. We achieve this through high-quality teaching, creating and engaging and challenging environment, and maintaining  high standards of behaviour.

Staff strive to be role models, who inspire a love of learning and are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of all children, regardless of their background, experiences or additional needs. By being healthy in body and mind, we aim to create active learners, who feel confident to problem solve, take risks, and learn from their mistakes. Through creative, broad, and balanced experiences, children are then inspired to be respectful and responsible citizens, and we celebrate the uniqueness and successes of all. We provide a nurturing environment, where everyone feels valued and confident to achieve. We understand the importance of working closely with you, as you are your child’s first teachers. Your involvement and support are crucial for effective teaching, and we strive to provide the best education possible through this partnership.

Plaistow Hill is a friendly school in the heart of the St Budeaux community and our school vision underpins everything we do to ensure that we all become the best version of ourselves. We believe that:

  • Every child should feel valued, safe and happy in our school (Belong)
  • Every child learns best when the curriculum is fun, engaging and creative (Enjoy)
  • Every child should be encouraged to develop their full potential (Aim high)
  • Every child should be taught to be aware of the feelings, wishes and rights of  others (Respect)

This website provides essential information for parents. However, the best way to learn about our school is to visit us in person to see the children enjoying all we have to offer. After all, it is the children who make this school so special.

To arrange a visit, please contact the school office at 01752 365410. We look forward to welcoming you to our happy and friendly school


 Mrs Sharon Burnett -  Headteacher 

Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs Emma Young - Assistant Headteacher

Mr Kevin Cockram-Chair of Governors




 The Learning Academies Trust – What do we believe in?


 Our Mission 

Together we will work with our children, families and communities to provide exceptional learning opportunities for all children.

 Our Vision 

Together we will be a family of schools ensuring excellence in primary education.


Our Commitments  


Together we will not let disadvantage be an obstacle to success.


Together we will achieve the best outcomes for all.


Together we will  work to harness the collective power of all.

'Believe you can. Together we will.'


Together we will celebrate the unique nature of our diverse school communities.


Together we will be caring and thoughtful in everything we do.


Together we will act with integrity and honesty. 




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Staff know each child and every parent individually which makes for such a family feel' 'Excellent behaviour and positive attitudes to learning' 'Teaching is effective and enables pupils to make good progress in all classes.  Read more from Ofsted...